Kubernetes Troubleshooting



Kubernetes Troubleshooting

Question : One of the Nautilus DevOps team members was working on to update an existing Kubernetes template. Somehow, he made some mistakes in the template and it is failing while applying. We need to fix this as soon as possible, so take a look into it and make sure you are able to apply it without any issues. Also, do not remove any component from the template like pods/deployments/volumes etc.

/home/thor/mysql_deployment.yml is the template that needs to be fixed.

Note: The kubectl utility on jump_host has been configured to work with the kubernetes cluster.

Please Note :-  Perform the below commands based on your question server,  user name & other details that might differ. So please read the task carefully before executing it. 
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1. Check existing running Pods  & Services 

thor@jump_host ~$ kubectl get all

NAME                 TYPE        CLUSTER-IP   EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)   AGE

service/kubernetes   ClusterIP    <none>        443/TCP   54m

thor@jump_host ~$

2. Secrets is by default created in lab 

thor@jump_host ~$ kubectl get secrets

NAME                  TYPE                                  DATA   AGE

default-token-6mkjk   kubernetes.io/service-account-token   3      55m

mysql-db-url          Opaque                                1      2m36s

mysql-root-pass       Opaque                                1      2m37s

mysql-user-pass       Opaque                                2      2m36s

thor@jump_host ~$ 

3. To identify the issue in template , split in to each kind and troubleshoot further 

thor@jump_host ~$ cp mysql_deployment.yml pv.yml

thor@jump_host ~$ cp mysql_deployment.yml pvc.yml

thor@jump_host ~$ cp mysql_deployment.yml service.yml

thor@jump_host ~$ cp mysql_deployment.yml deploy.yml

thor@jump_host ~$ 

4. Create a YAML  file with all the parameters, Kindly do the changes as per task

you can copy from GitLab    https://gitlab.com/nb-tech-support/devops.git

    Refer Below Video for more clarity )

5.  Click on Finish & Confirm to complete the task successfully

Happy Learning!!!!

Apart from this if you need more clarity,  I have made a  tutorial video on this, please go through and share your comments. Like and share the knowledge 

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